Igneus Incorporated has been providing high quality, powerful, and low-cost automatic fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation software to the fire sprinkler industry since 2005. And from day one, professionals from all over the world have been able to try our software before buying. Check us out! I know you will like what you find.

Sprinkler Fitter Calculator 1.1

Professional feet and inch calculator with common take-out values, an angle calculator, and note taking. Free for Windows based computers. Small cost for Android based phones (ad-free).

New in version 1.1:

  • True fractions in 1/8" increments
  • Selectable display precision
  • Resizable calculator keypad
  • Character based unit modifiers allowed in Angle calculator input (such as: 3ft6in or 2m26cm)
  • Angle calculator picture now matches theme
  • Angle calculator picture will resize with window [PC]
  • Window location is remembered between launches [PC]
  • Additional take-out values

If you use the Android version of SFC, let others know. Leave a review on the play store!

Simple Hydraulic Calculator 2.3.7

This is a minor feature and maintenance update that is free for all users. Changes include:

  • New pipe materials added to support PipeFab for Revit. Coming soon - PipeFab ability to export a SHC data file.
    • S20 - ANSI Schedule 20 steel
    • ASAL - AS 1074 light weight steel with AS 2118 fittings pre-adjusted for internal diameter from ASAM
    • ASAM - AS 1074 medium weight steel with AS 2118 fittings
    • ASAH - AS 1074 heavy weight steel with AS 2118 fittings pre-adjusted for internal diameter from ASAM
  • HEAD and FLOW commands now interpret negative numbers as a minimum pressure instead of a minimum discharge.
  • FLOW commands may now be disabled by using a zero k-factor, just like HEAD commands
  • Immediately preceding comment may be used as the device graph title for BFP, BP, and PUMP commands. (menu item 'Report' -> 'Options)
  • Maximum flow velocity may be included on the report summary page.  (menu item 'Report' -> 'Options)
  • The "system volume" and "rack allowance" lines will no longer be shown on the report summary page if their entries are blank.
  • New report option 'small margins'. When checked, SHC will use the printer's reported minimum paper margins. If not checked, SHC will use a 3/4", or larger, paper margin.
  • Fixed a problem with editor color highlighting of discharge parameters.
  • SHC will now use default highlighting colors if there is a problem loading the user's custom data or if the user's custom data has the foreground and background colors set the same.
  • A new example file and drawing, "ESFR with pump house", gives a real-world example of using k-factor to manage two remote areas and of using pressure in HEAD and FLOW commands.

Igneus Hydrant Flow Test

Free flow test application that is capable of printing professional fire hydrant flow test reports. Reports may also be saved as a pdf file.